How can I help?

  • Pray

    The work of God can only be done through much prayer. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Are you faithful? Are you praying? Please pray for contacts, converts, and committed Christians?
  • Give

    He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, but what a blessing it would be to know that God is using your personal sacrifice to make his name known. Giving need not be monetary. A vehicle, boat, property, or inheritance could be what God would use either directly or to be sold to further the work.
  • Come

    The rich young ruler chose his possessions over following Jesus. God wants to use you. You may be useful where you are, but is it God's best in your life? God may be able to use you more in a church plant. Your light will shine the brightest in a place where it is needed. Are you in a place where it is needed?

How can my church help?

Just as a healthy plant reproduces itself, so a healthy church plants new churches. Sometimes those churches are planted through missionaries in foreign fields, other times they are planted near an existing church that can support and nurture the new ministry. Your church can be part of this by explicitly supporting a church planting effort. This can be done either through a one time offering that can help pay for startup costs, or through scheduled contributions that can provide time for the church to become self-supporting.

What if my church is closed or is about to close?

An organization that increases in size can do so through Biblical or Unbiblical means, but a church not growing is dying. If your church has not followed the great commissision to reach the lost and is either closed or about to close, there is hope. The property and existing infrastructure can be used to plant a new vibrant, Biblical church that will reach the community. Please call to discuss the situation and how the power of the gospel can change lives.